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Are you looking for water well drilling in Stony Plain? Contact the technicians at Summers Drilling Ltd for well drilling and repairs for irrigation, dewatering, household, commercial, and other purposes. We specialize in:

  • Domestic and commercial water wells including towns and villages
  • Exploration drilling
  • Pump testing

The Range of Services We Offer

When it comes to water well drilling and repairs, you can trust us to install:

  • Domestic water wells - every household in Alberta has the right to have at least one domestic water well. You can rely on us to provide:
  • Drilled water wells
  • Bored water wells
  • Commercial water wells - these water wells are drilled for business purposes and may be constructed differently. For these water wells, you will also need to have a licence. Our professionals can install various types of commercial water wells:
  • High volume water wells
  • Licensed wells
  • Town wells
  • Dewatering wells - deep well dewatering systems involve pumping various wells simultaneously. Other services we provide include:
  • Deep wells
  • Pump rental service
  • Genset rental services
  • Discharge manifolds
  • Water well servicing and repair - our journeyman service crews are skilled to perform various types of servicing on water wells like:
  • Pump replacement and repairs
  • Pump testing and slow rates
  • Downhole camera services
  • Real estate evolution, inspections, and flow tests
  • Portable tank services
  • Shock chlorination
  • Cistern services - count on our experience to repair cisterns and cistern pumps efficiently. We can also do pump repairs and replacement.
cistern services
water well
water well

Request a Convenient Estimate

For an estimate on our services or to ask any questions, please call us or send an email.

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