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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQs to learn more about water well drilling, cisterns, and quality control. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact Summers Drilling Inc.

Q: What Is The Difference Between A Well And A Cistern?

A: A well is a water delivery system that allows you to access underground water. A cistern is used for water storage. Here is a chart that will allow you to compare and analyze both to find out the most reliable solution for you. After analyzing the detail in the table below, you will find that a water well is better than a cistern in terms of cost and features. Call us today to learn more.

Q. Who Can Have Water Wells?

A. Every household in Alberta has the right to have a well up to 330 thousand gallons a year for household use.

Q. Can I Have A Water Well On My Acreage, Even If The Subdivision Says Cistern Only?

A. Generally yes, but we may have to do extra testing on the new well because the developer will not spend money to test the subdivision for water wells.

Q. How Long Will My Well Last?

A. Your well will last for long if made using the latest techniques and materials. The well should last for up to 100 years, the casing is now PVC and the water replaces itself in the aquifer continuously.

Q. How Much Work Is It To Maintain Water Wells?

A. To maintain your water wells, you simply need to schedule a water test annually and shock chlorination if necessary.

Q. How Safe Is Groundwater?

A. Groundwater is always the first choice for a safer and cleaner water source. Surface water such as rivers and dugouts need more cleaning and chlorinating for parasites. A water well is sealed and you cannot introduce bacteria as easily as you can with a cistern.

Q. Which Well Drilling Company Should I Hire?

A. You should look for a company that has a proven track record in your area and have been in business for a long time. Ensure that they have a safety program, insurance, and compensation coverage for their employees.

Q. Who Governs And Controls The Quality Control Of Water Well Drilling?

A. We are licensed by Alberta Environment and our drillers and technicians are trained under the apprenticeship program.

Q. What Services Does Summers Drilling Inc Provide After My Well Is Completed?

A. We provide services related to water wells, cisterns, and pumps.

Q. What Do I Do If My Water Quits?

A. Turn off the breaker and call us, we will send a service technician to help you.

Q. What Is Air Drilling?

A. In air drilling, we drill using a large compressor to clean out the borehole. This is the cleanest and preferred method to drill water wells.

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