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Committed to The Protection of The Environment


Summers Drilling Inc specializes in domestic and commercial water well drilling in towns and villages using environmentally friendly ways. We also offer exploration drilling and pump testing.

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A Trustworthy Water Well Drilling Company in Stony Plain

Summers Drilling Inc is a trustworthy water well drilling company in Stony Plain serving many areas across Alberta. Our technicians are certified and trained in well drilling and repairs. You can rely on us to drill for acreage and farm owners. Since 1917, we have completed various large-scale projects in the area.


The list of services we provide includes:


Call our friendly staff to learn more about us and our services. In case of an emergency, contact us right away.


Learn More About Us

Summers Drilling Inc is a family-owned and -operated company located in Stony Plain, Alberta. This third-generation family business is a well established company with ticketed journeymen water well drills and experienced service technicians. For the last five years, Summers Drilling Inc has been one of the leading companies in Alberta.


While we are on-site, we take special care in drill cuttings and fluid management. You can also trust us to clean up the site after completing the work. We also offer the option to use a vac truck to contain and remove the mud. During water well drilling, we follow industry standards and pay extra attention to using environmentally friendly methods. We pride ourselves on operating with top-of-the-line equipment in our drilling operations.


We have been in the industry for a long time and earned our good reputation by hiring efficient people and using top-quality equipment.  


The company is known for its exceptional customer service, and we have many satisfied customers throughout the area who are happy with our services. Get in touch with us for more details.

Our Completed Projects

A few projects completed by our professionals include:

  • Sewer trunkline locating drilling
  • Sewer bypass boreholes
  • Dewatering for LRT construction

  • Dewatering work in Edmonton and St. Albert


“In July 2011, we lost our 30-year-old well but not before it delivered a good load of sand to us. Kap's Drilling Ltd. responded and delivered the final verdict for our well. On our behalf, David Kapalka contacted Dave at Summers Drilling located in Stony Plain, Alberta.  Summers Drilling promptly responded to our acreage with two 1200-gallon water containers for our use. We never went without water for more than a few hours and the cost to lend us these two containers c/w pump was absorbed by Summers Drilling.

These two containers remained on our property for our use, until the new well was drilled, capped and running. We were allowed to continue using the containers until all lines had been cleared of any remaining sand. Before I met with Dave of Summers Drilling, he was sympathetic, professional, and easy to deal with. Dave explained the entire operation and procedure to me.  All questions were answered to my satisfaction.


With the wet summer, drilling was delayed until the ground was firm enough to support the drilling rig. The actual drilling, trenching and re-connection took three days. The drilling rig personnel were friendly, professional and informative. At no time did they portray annoyance with me asking questions or simply hanging around watching. The well was completed quickly with no issues. I explained to Dave what my habits have been in the past regarding the tending of some horses. A suggestion was made to install a hydrant and steps were taken to provide the necessary wiring for an outdoor plug next to the trough. These suggestions were much appreciated and after using the hydrant, I have found it very convenient. It will save me a lot of time and effort. Summers Drilling also supplied the power line for the outlet at no extra cost. The new well works great.


The entire experience of dealing with all of the personnel at Summers Drilling was very positive. I will recommend this fine company to anyone that I meet who requires similar services. On behalf of my family and myself, I wish to say! Thank you very much. "

- Dan H. / Carvel, AB


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